America’s Present Challenge

Our current political system is suffering from a debilitating ailment that is compromising our ability to promote the most innovative, productive and inclusive solutions to our most serious problems and lowering our potential, both as individuals and as a nation.

The source of this dysfunction is the persistent inability of our current political dynamic, the way in which we make crucial decisions on the form and function of our government, to effectively address the significant challenges that we face and to generate the responsible, accountable leadership that is so vital in a modern democratic society. Over the past 25 years, America has become increasingly more polarized. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, political polarization, one of the core contributors to our current dysfunctional government, has nearly doubled.

And whereas the air waves, publications and internet are overflowing with a multitude of suggestions and ways to treat the symptoms of this glaring dysfunction, there is precious little discussion on how to actually cure the disease. In order to improve the results of our political process and overcome the failed ideas and failed leadership, it is essential that we fundamentally reform the way in which these decisions are made and return to the core principles and productive dynamic that has yielded the unparalleled success of both America and human civilization in the modern world.