About The Tree

About the Tree…

The Synthesis Revolution has adopted a bountiful tree as the symbol of the movement.   For thousands of years, the tree has symbolized the amazing potential of humanity.   From the Garden of Eden, to the Sermon on the Mount, to the Liberty Tree of the American Revolution, the tree has been a powerful symbol of society’s growth and human flourishing.

The tree also symbolizes the way that Nature produces a good and useful harvest.  A tree synthesizes different elements: carbon dioxide from the air, water and nutrients from the soil, and energy from the sun, bringing them all together to yield something entirely different that is vital for humanity. A good tree bears good fruit.

The tree is also a powerful metaphor for society.  When the individual elements are brought together effectively, it produces something beautiful to observe and essential for promoting life.  Both top-down forces of the sun and rain, as well as bottom-up forces of nutrients and a strong root system are essential.  Further, human action has the potential to increase the yield by engaging in beneficial activities such as planting, pruning and the proper balance of prudent organization and natural processes.

Society is similar to the tree in that it is a byproduct of complex forces, both top-down and bottom-up, as well as the ability of human actions to improve the yield if productively focused in effective ways.  The bottom-line being that in both cases, a good tree bears good fruit, which is the standard by which trees, ideas, leaders, and political and economic systems should be judged.  If a tree or a political and economic dynamic is not bearing good fruit, then we must change our approach to restore the bountiful growth in realizing our potential.

“Tree of Synthesis” artwork by Nick Lu. Copyright © 2012 Thomas A. Rossman and Nick Lu. All Rights Reserved.