How the Synthesis Revolution can Empower America to Solve Our Problems

What is needed most in the country right now is a return to ideas, principles and productive discourse which has provided the foundation for the progress and prosperity of both the modern era in general and of America most specifically.

One of the driving forces behind America’s enormous success over the past two and a half centuries has been the unshakable confidence and belief that we can improve the world around us and create a better life for ourselves and our children. Each time difficulties have emerged to impede this process, Americans have risen to the challenge and found a way to solve the problems and continue our ascent as a nation. The key to overcoming all of the diverse roadblocks to rising progress and prosperity is our ability to productively reconcile various interests and conceive new pathways to success.

The defining characteristic of America, since those early days, is that when we see a problem, we fix it. As Alexis DeToquville insightfully observed, “The greatness of America lies… in her ability to repair her faults.” Currently, our ability to “repair our faults” and make then necessary reforms that are so vital to our continued competitiveness in an increasingly globalized, interconnected world is under assault from failed ideas and a failed political dynamic that currently dominates our public discourse.

The type of productive reconciliation of different ideas and interests that energized and inspired the Founding Fathers and subsequent generations of American leaders is severely lacking in the political debates of today. Instead of new pathways to improvement and new ideas for greater prosperity, we have allowed ideology, partisan division, and special interests to overwhelm the discussion about solutions and convert legitimate differences into an unbridgeable divide.

This is where the Synthesis Revolution will intercede and provide both the mechanism and the toolkit to reverse this negative trajectory and return a free, fair, productive debate to the focus of our wider discourse. The first step is to engage in new thinking that recognizes and overcomes the barriers that are draining our political and economic dynamic of its effectiveness. These impediments of ideology, partisan tribalism and special interests are dividing the country by diverting the goal and focus of our political system to narrow, one-dimensional pursuits. The reality is that both sides offer valid observations and meaningful contributions to solving problems and neither side is in possession of a monopoly on truth. In addition to the new thinking focused on solutions, we need a new method of interaction that embraces the fundamental tenants underlying all modern advancement. Through objective observation and analysis of the real world, not some ideologically or politically idealized version of it, and systematically identifying what is good and useful from all perspectives, purified through the crucible of heated, productive debate, we can conceive of new pathways of ascent that are not presently even being considered. This productive reconciliation, or Synthesis, is the basis of the enormous progress and prosperity of the modern world and especially of America over the past several centuries.

This new thinking and new method of interaction, focused on perpetual improvement, then validates the potential solutions through experimentation and testing to ensure that the new ways upward have the intended impact. This is way that humanity rose from the near-constant scarcity of the medieval world to the abundant surplus and unparalleled advancement in science, medicine and technology of the modern world. This new thinking and new method can also reverse the negative political and economic trends of the last few decades and usher in a new era of progress and prosperity.